My Background

I’ve always been interested in physical disciplines with ancient origins. Before I began practicing yoga, I was a martial artist. I began practicing Iyengar Yoga regularly in the early 1990s when I moved to the Boston area. I was immediately captivated by the method’s orderly progression and integration of philosophy into postural practice.

I’ve been a certified Iyengar teacher since 2001 and currently hold a Junior Intermediate III certificate. I’ve studied at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India, several times. Many teachers, friends, and colleagues have contributed to my learning, but none more than my dear mentor, Patricia Walden.

In my classes, I encourage a lighthearted and supportive learning environment. I enjoy weaving together physical and philosophical themes, such as focusing on self-study (svadhyaya) in a class emphasizing twisting poses or building fire (tapas) in backbends. I move class along at a brisk pace to keep the group energized, and also allow quiet moments for participants to absorb the feel and intent of each asana. I love to surprise students with unexpected sequences.

In addition to classes and workshops at Down Under Yoga, I teach undergraduate courses on yoga theory and culture and conduct yoga research. I recently completed a study in which 107 survey respondents and 15 interviewees shared their views on how they experience yoga for self-development, to support ever-broadening conceptions of family, to engage in multiple communities, and to realize universal truths. The study concludes that yoga represents a lived philosophy that balances disciplined self-development with engaged care for making the world a better place.