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Yoga for Stiff Bodies

These sessions are ideal for students of all levels who live in stiff bodies. Please note that these sessions are intended to support and supplement your regular practice.

March 19: Hips & Hamstrings

April 16: Neck & Shoulders

May 21: Upper & Lower Back


Intermediate/Advanced Master Classes

Master classes are ideal for yoga students interested in learning how familiar, basic poses prepare the body, mind, and spirit to explore more advanced poses. This important teaching will guide our sessions: Asana done from the brain makes one heavy and from the heart makes one light.

-BKS Iyengar

March 12: Standing Poses/Arm Balancing

April 2: Seated Poses/Arm Balancing

May 7: Inversions/Twists

June 4: Backbends/Twists

July 9: Preparatory Asanas/ Advanced Pranayama


Recorded Classes

Backbends for courage and discipline

Harmonizing pairs of opposites

Mental clarity with forward extensions

Relaxing the neck & shoulders

Side stretches

Stability and ease while balancing

Supplemental stretches for stiff bodies

Twisting poses to ignite your practice

Unlocking the breath's potential 

Classes: Classes
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