There aren't enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for having Claire as my teacher. She is skillful and generous, erudite but never condescending, and every class she leads is an invitation to go more deeply into one's embodiment. Her knowledge of yoga is vast, and she shares it freely. She has a sense of humor that puts people at ease and creates a comfortable environment. In her classes, I am always seen and always challenged. My practice has progressed immeasurably under her guidance.


Working with Claire for assessment was a wonderful experience! Her incredibly thoughtful written feedback on poses that I had taught, the depth of her knowledge, experience, sensitivity, and kindness as well as her devotion to her students and her teaching has helped nurture and encourage me to become a better teacher- both on the mat and off. I couldn’t be more grateful for her mentoring and her friendship!


Claire epitomizes the best of yoga teachers. She is clearly there for the students and has the rare and important quality to make it known to the class that no one should feel shamed or disabled, in any way. She does not bring her ego to class and presents herself as someone with a kind and generous spirit.



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